Here at HiiVE, we have a love of patterns. Some might say we are even a little obsessed. Adding a graphic detail can help give a project the unique personality it needs to stand out. Whether it is through a custom wallcovering, rug or creating a custom design with materials like tile or wood, nearly all of our projects benefit from the bold use of patterns. And we wouldn't have it any other way. All of the patterns below were created in-house to reinforce a concept or to help create a mood.



beach resort guestroom renovation

For this project, the client requested a look that was "funky tropical", a little retro and a whole lot of fun. We decided to mix various custom tropical leaf prints with a woven and a geometric. They were created in various ways, some were hand-drawings of photos, layered together digitally, others were vector artwork.


zappo's pop-up shop powered by shopwithme

ShopWithMe contacted me to design a 20,000 SF "pop-up" shop to launch their new immersive retail technology. It was going to run from Thanksgiving through New Year's and was going to leverage the Zappo's name and provide a test case for their first brick and mortar shopping experience. We had 6 weeks to design 12 shops within the shop, depicting various lifestyles, from Women's Coveted, Junior Miss, and Special Occasion, all the way to Shoes and Accessories, nearly any apparel  you might want or need could be found here. Given it was a holiday shopping experience, we were inspired by the graphics of gift-wrapping and used this to help provide each Lifestyle shop its unique identity. The designs fell into three categories, Plaid+Lace, Geometric, and Dots+Stripes and were printed on silver mylar or vinyl. All patterns are original and created digitally in-house.


Abbey House

sbe came to us to help them visualize what a hotel inspired by the iconic club, The Abbey in West Hollywood, might look like, along with a creating a brand identity. Because The Abbey has strong gothic themes, we decided to use this as inspiration to layer some pattern over the photography, creating depth and character. All of the patterns are derived from gothic symbols, except for Liz Taylor's earrings. Those were based on the icon herself, of course. All patterns were created digitally, in-house.